Gagan Mudhar, Inkling

Gagan is a a registered Psychologist and Senior Manager at Inking - an organisation that creates empowered leaders and thriving cultures. Gagan’s work with Inkling sees her partner with leaders and organisations in the UK, Australia, and Asia, like CBA, Woolworths, and Atlassian, to drive socially conscious, purposeful, and empowered leadership.

She has over 10 years experience working as a Psychologist across different areas, including wellbeing and resilience, coaching, facilitation, and change and organisational development programs. A themes that is consistent across these areas is her passion for her work, service to the community, and a thrill for supporting people to thrive through insight and conscious change.

Gagan’s superpower is in research and science. She thrives on learning new things, and bringing an evidence-based approach to how we think, behave, feel, and strive. Gagan holds a Bachelor in Psychology (Honours), and Master in Organisational Psychology.

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