Kate Glazebrook, Applied

Kate Glazebrook is Advisor (Impact) at Blackbird, where she focuses on growing and championing the portfolio’s positive impact on the world.  She’s also Chair, Co-founder, and former CEO of Applied, an award-winning tech platform that has redesigned the hiring process to remove bias and help teams find the best candidate for the role, regardless of their background.  Applied is passionate about social mobility and proving that you can achieve diversity, equity and inclusion by rethinking how you hire. 

Prior to founding Applied, Kate was Principal Advisor and Head of Growth and Equality at the Behavioural Insights Team.  Kate has also spent time working in the UK Treasury, the US Senate Finance Committee, UNESCO in South-East Asia, and the Australian Treasury.  Kate holds a Master in Public Policy degree from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a Bachelor in Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Sydney.  In 2019, Kate was awarded the Advance award for Science and Technology, and in 2021 was identified as one of the 100 top innovators in Australia

Kate is a Trustee at the Blueprint for Better Business, sits on the Advisory Board for Tripple Ventures, and is a Venture Partner at Ada Ventures focusing on social impact

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