Karen joined Queensland Treasury as Productivity Commissioner in June 2021 to support the Queensland Government’s productivity and regulatory reform agenda.  Karen was also the former Chair and Principal Commissioner of the Queensland Productivity Commission and presided over the Commission’s Inquiry into the National Disability Insurance Market in Queensland. Karen enjoyed an extensive career at the RBA where she was heavily involved in industry and community engagement and applying insights and intelligence to support economic analysis, policy development and advocacy, both domestically and internationally.Karen is an economist with a First Class Honours degree and Ph.D in economics from The University of Queensland and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is currently a member of CEDA’s Council on Economic Policy and a mentor in WEN Queensland’s mentoring programme.  For many years, Karen has been active in promoting career pathways in economics through work with the Queensland Economics Teachers Association, Queensland University of Technology’s School of Economics and Finance External Advisory Committee and The University of Queensland Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Mentoring program. 

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