Australian Gender Economics Workshop

WEN created the Australian Gender Economics Workshop as a way to foster a community of economic researchers who can collectively contribute to the evidence base needed to guide the pursuit of more gender equitable outcomes in society.

Held annually since 2018, AGEW includes program of economic research presentations, keynote speakers from eminent researchers and a policy symposium session which focuses on how to convert these research insights into practical action for change. 

Research presentations are selected through an open call for paper and independent scientific committee. Participation is open to anyone with an interest in gender economics research and policy.

National Economic Panel

The Economic Society of Australia created a National Economic Panel as an expert platform for sharing the expert perspectives of economists in Australia on a range of topical policy issues. The results of regular polls of the Panel are published on The Conversation website.

WEN has contributed to this initiative by nominating more female economists to be invited to join the panel, including more women from diverse backgrounds, so that the panel achieves a more gender balanced and diverse composition. 

WEN has also contributed by suggesting topics for the poll which promoting an awareness of policy issues that relate to gender equality in society.

Economic Society of Australia Awards

WEN has been actively ensuring that a larger number of female economists are included among the deserving short-listed candidates for the annual awards presented by the Economic Society of Australia.

These awards recognise economists in Australia for their contribution to development of economic research and their service to the profession.

WEN Articles

WEN's collection of newsletter articles and "Credible Economist" Blog contributions, written by our WEN members, provide research insights across a range of topics including gender inequality issues.

The articles also include the valuable insights that can be gained by female economists reflecting on their career experiences and sharing their personal stories and reflections, supported by the statistical evidence and the knowledge they have gained through their research and studies. 

Women in economics: Myth busters by Rhiannon Yetsenga

Women in the economy and in economics by Luci Ellis

COVID, care and wellbeing: What do we really value? by Evie Fox Koob

Impassioned by inequality: Why we need to bring gender analysis into mainstream economics by Ruth Badru

The under-representation of women in economics: A student’s perspective by Phoebe Bardsley

How can business leaders sit at the policy table and ensure their voice is heard? by Taleen Shamlian

Reading between the lines by Leonora Risse

Read more on the WEN Newsletters and Articles page

Data and research

WEN is investing in a data collection processes to benchmark and track changes in the representation of women in economics, complemented by quantitative and qualitative surveys of WEN members and the economics community. These projects enable us to assess the impact of WEN over time.

We have also invested in formal evaluations of particular initiatives, to contribute to our broader understanding about "what works" to close gender gaps in male-dominated fields.

A summary of our data collection and project evaluations are available in the following paper: 

WEN_Lifting diversity and inclusion in economics_US Fed Conference paper (2021).pdf

WEN presented this paper at the US Federal Reserve Conference on Diversity and Equality in Economics, Finance and Central Banking 2021The conference proceedings can be viewed on US Fed YouTube (WEN's presentation is at 8:16:40).

WEN's presentation slides are available for download.

Women in Economics Events

WEN's calendar of activities includes regular seminar presentations, panel discussions and symposium events which address issue of women's under-representation in economics and broader issues of gender inequality.

To counter women's long-standing under-representation in economic policy debate and media, our events also highlight the expertise and knowledge that female economists bring cross a wide range of economic issues including macroeconomic outlook, budget analysis, behavioural economic insights, and climate action policy.

WEN members have the opportunity to participate in these events. A selection of recordings of these events are available on the WEN YouTube Channel

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