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Hosted by WEN Victoria on Monday 27 November 2023. This webinar was not recorded, but the slide deck has been made available below. 

Slide Deck: ACCC's Childcare Inquiry with WEN Victoria - Micaela Bassford, Elyse Shelley, Katie Chen and Nicola Ross

About The Seminar

Over one million Australian households used childcare last year, with most households with children accessing childcare at some point in their lives. In October 2022 the Federal Government directed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to inquire into the market for childcare in Australia, including the costs, prices and profits of childcare providers and the effectiveness of existing price regulation. The ACCC has recently released its second interim report, ahead of a final report scheduled for December this year.

In this webinar, members from the ACCC's Childcare Inquiry Taskforce explored the inquiry's interim findings and recommendations, the analysis that has informed it, and insights gained into the unique role that competition and choice play in markets for human services.

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