What does an economist actually do? What are the career opportunities for somebody who studies economics?

Launched on International Women's Day 2021, Career Journeys of Australian Economists brings you the stories of 37 economists from around Australia.

Featuring CEOs, Chief Advisors, Principal Economists, Commissioners, Deputy Secretaries, Academics, and many more. Read about the various roles each economist has had over their careers, the opportunities which studying economics has brought them, and their most memorable moments as economists.

This booklet has been created by Isabelle Layton, a member of our Victorian WEN Committee, who was inspired by the need for students and early career women to hear the personal experiences of people in the field. These personal stories provide a valuable source of information about the breadth of career avenues that economics opens up to you, and the many ways in which you can use your economics skills to make a positive contribution to society.

We encourage you to share this resource with students who might be considering studying economics, early-career economists who are curious about the opportunities ahead of them, and with friends and family who have ever asked you "...economist... so what does that actually mean?"

A huge thank you to all of the economists who contributed.

View or download the booklet here: Career Journeys of Australian Economists

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