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Studying economics equips you with a toolkit to understand the world around you.

Economics focuses on human behaviour. And economists are interested in figuring out what incentivises people to behave the way they do?

But economics is more than just understanding the world – it gives you tools to help improve the world.

By analysing information and testing the impact of policies, the job of economists is to come up with solutions to tackle real world problems, improve society and enhance people’s quality of life.

Even if you don’t pursue a career in this field, economics gives you skills and knowledge that will be useful in many other jobs and in your life in general. Studying economics provides you with valuable knowledge to understand decision-making behaviour, to manage projects, to understand how our economy operates, and to make sense of government policy.

This will equip you with the ability to make smarter decisions in your everyday life – as a consumer, investor, business-owner, in your everyday choices and interactions with others, even as a student deciding on your career pathways.

Knowledge of economics will help you make more informed decisions as a voter. It will equip you to participate in wider debates in the community on social, environmental and political issues.

To read more, download the booklet where we also explore:

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