Do you wish you had more opportunities to share your ideas about economics? Is there research you’ve done, a great book you recently read, or observations about the world you can offer, which could be promoted and shared via social media? 

Do you possibly also wish there were more female voices in public discussions and media commentary about economic issues?

The NSW WEN blog series, "Credible Economists", is inviting contributions from women economists and wants to provide our WEN members with the skills and resources to transform your knowledge and insights into great digital content.

WEN's Writing for digital content online workshop provided WEN members with ideas and strategies for writing for social media, so that your digital content can have as big an impact as possible.

This online workshop will provide writing tips from award-winning journalist and speaker Catherine Fox, and Lecturer in Economics at RMIT University and our National WEN Chair Leonora Risse, and include an interactive session to put your skills into action. The workshop will also cover the issue of how to manage potential criticism and hostility in the media, which we know is an issue that disproportionately affects women.

No matter what field you’re in, strong writing skills for digital content are critical in the modern age and ensure that you get your point across and engage with audiences. Whether you're sharing your own perspectives and research findings, or writing on behalf of your organisation, your capacity to express your ideas clearly in a digital forum will be an increasingly valuable skill for all economists. 

This initiative contributes to WEN's objectives to support the career development of women in economics, and improve the representation of women economists in the media, public discussion, and positions of influence and policy impact. This ultimately contributes towards the goal of creating a more gender balanced, equitable and inclusive economics profession.

A copy of the workshop slides are available here: WEN_Professional_Development_Workshop_Slides_-_Writing_for_digital_content.pdf

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