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Membership to the Women in Economics Network is free with your membership to your local branch of the Economic Society of Australia. Any one with an interest in economic issues is welcome to join the WEN.

Members receive all the usual benefits of joining the Economic Society:

  • Membership of Australia's largest professional economics association
  • Free or discounted access to local branch events including seminars on topical public policy and economic issues 
  • Opportunity to meet other economists and economics students 
  • Access to publications. Each member of the Society may elect to receive 4 issues of the Economic Record and/or four issues of Economic Papers each year.

In addition to benefits from WEN membership:

  • Free or discounted access to WEN events including seminars on economic issues, professional development and networking events
  • Nominate to list on the media and public speaking register
  • Nominate to attend the Women in Economics retreat
  • A twice yearly newsletter, featuring information about WEN events, relevant research and achievements of WEN members
  • Opportunity for your research to feature in the WEN newsletter, research hub and social media channels
  • Membership of the Women in Economics LinkedIn group.

In the future there will be other member benefits such as the opportunity to participate in the WEN mentor program.

The membership fee is tax deductible in most cases.

To join WEN go to the Register Now page and sign up to your preferred branch of the Economic Society. Tick the box towards the bottom of the form to become a member of WEN.

Existing ESA members can join WEN by logging in to their ESA branch website and ticking the box for WEN membership on their Profile page, or by emailing the request to

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