The ESA and the Women in Economics Network are delighted to announce the launch of our Register of Economists and Women in Economics Register for media and public speaking.

The ESA is regularly contacted by media organisations and conference conveners seeking comment by economists in different fields of expertise.  The Register of Economists, hosted on the ESA Central Council website, will allow members of the ESA branches to make their details available to these groups. People placing their details on the register can nominate from the list of areas of expertise and choose to be contacted for media or public speaking opportunities (or both). Importantly, anyone on the register will not be speaking for the ESA - the Society does not speak publicly on such issues - but in their personal capacity which includes being a member of the Society.  

Female members are especially encouraged to join the Register of Economists and to also put their details on the Women in Economics Register. Female economists are strongly underrepresented in the media. A recent media survey found that only 9 percent of people quoted as “economist" or “analyst” were women. Many journalists have expressed an interest in a dedicated list of female economists to allow them to present a broader range of voices. This register will sit on the Women in Economics website. 

How to join the Register

ESA members that wish to appear on the Register should 

  • Login to your ESA branch website 
  • Navigate from the My Menu bar to My Profile
  • Tick the box to join the Central Council Register
  • Female members may also wish to Join WEN* and then be added to the WEN Register
  • Add your Category of expertise for both Media and Public Speaking opportunities from the drop down box - you may select multiple categories
  • Add your biography, photograph and remember to include your phone and email details
  • Make sure you click Update My Details

Contact Us if you have any questions about the Registers or require any assistance in updating your profile.

*WEN is open to both male and female members of ESA.


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