Role:    Consultant

Reporting to:      Executive Director, Perth


Your duties as a consultant are to:

  • contribute as a member of a project team (under supervision) to all aspects of a consulting engagement including developing proposals, winning the project, identifying issues, identifying sources of information and data, forming hypotheses, performing analyses, synthesising data and conclusions into recommendations, preparing the final report, and presenting the report to the client
  • work with colleagues to draft proposals to win business from clients
  • build relationships with consultants across the firm
  • keep abreast of developments, and develop expertise, in practice areas
  •  build competencies in accordance with the ACIL Allen competency framework.

Experience and qualifications

  • 1 to 4 years’ experience in economic and/or financial modelling in a consulting, government-funded service, or advisory environment.
  • tertiary qualification in a quantitative or economics-based discipline such as Mathematics. Econometrics, Statistics, or Economics.
  • advanced level of Microsoft Excel.

Skills and competencies

Business and consulting skills

We expect you to have some experience in:

  • Client focus and management – making clients and their needs the primary focus of your actions, accurately determining the scope of client assignments and then effectively managing the client and other stakeholders’ service expectations.
  •  Policy, industry, sectoral or functional expertise – demonstrating knowledge and expertise in your chosen policy, industry, sectoral or functional areas.
  •  Proposal writing and pitching – writing and presenting a compelling and successful proposal that conveys the firm’s experience, expertise, modelling and intellectual capability.
  • Project and task management – effectively managing tasks and projects that ensures clear direction, role clarity for others, optimisation of resources, working within budgets and timeframes, and adapting appropriately to task and project changes to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Consulting expertise and insight – researching, capturing, sharing and applying knowledge in a structured and effective way relevant to consulting engagement needs; identifying and responding to complex situations, relating and comparing data from different sources, and identifying issues, trends and relationships; and using strategic thinking to anticipate implications and contingencies, applying both a holistic and abstract approach.
  • Analysis, tools and methodologies – using analytical thinking in a logical and systematic manner to appropriately process information; and selecting and using the most appropriate models, tools and methodologies to encourage critical thinking in complex situations.
  • Communication and facilitation – effectively conveying the firm’s experience, expertise and intellectual capability through a broad range of verbal and written communications medium, such as meetings, briefings, presentations and facilitated workshops; and communicating clearly and effectively with colleagues.
  • Project reporting – providing frank and fearless advice that fulfils the client’s scope, and supports and influences client decision making; and effectively conveying the form’s analysis, findings, recommendations and experience through a well-structured written report, presentation, briefing or alternative media.

We expect you to have an understanding, of:

  • Business development – effectively marketing the firm to new and existing clients and translating opportunities into winning work.
  • Commercial acumen and budget management – managing the profitability of a proposal and a project’s budget, including scoping, negotiations, pricing, variations, risk, and terms and conditions.

Professional and personal competencies

We expect you to have some experience in:

  • Professional judgement – operating with professionalism and integrity in all aspects of your role including conduct, adhering to codes of practice and working in the best interests of the firm and client.
  • Emotional intelligence – noticing, interpreting and anticipating others’ concerns and feelings, and communicating this awareness empathetically to others; handling complexity in the operating environment and interacting effectively with others to achieve the desired outcomes; and demonstrating effective influencing and managing conflict effectively.
  • Work standards – demonstrating a willingness and capability to meet the work standard expectations of the organisation, and take ownership and follow through energetically with a plan or task.
  • Innovation and adaptability – supporting innovation and organisational change initiatives to improve the organisation’s effectiveness and client experience; and adjusting effectively to deal with ambiguity, new situations, and in a changing work environment.
  • Continuous learning and development – proactively investigating new perspectives, approaches and behaviours, and initiating and planning self-development and demonstrating an effective track record of personal growth.

We expect you to have an understanding of:

  • Leadership – being a role model for our Vision, Shared Values, Diversity and Inclusion; inspiring respect and confidence among peers and employees; and motivating others to excel in the pursuit of project, practice area and firm goals.

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