Intellectual, human and social capital reporting to support Blue Economy development and expansion in Australia

The Griffith Business School is calling for potential candidates to apply for a PhD scholarship to undertake research on a Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre’s funded project. The PhD research is part of a wider project to develop innovative integrated reporting tools that capture interlinkages and dependencies between economy, society and environment. Tailored to blue economy businesses, these tools can be used to manage and track their environmental footprints and disseminate information to the public to enhance social licence and support sustainable management of ocean resources.

The aim of the PhD research is to estimate positive and negative values associated with the intellectual, human, social and relationship capitals and their distribution. The PhD project will thus involve among others, systematic quantitative and/or qualitative literature review and synthesis, survey development and implementation for internal and external data collection (i.e. using two survey instruments: Q-method and Delphi expert elicitation) and field visits. Thus, the overarching research question is:

How can innovative social science methodologies be adapted to quantify and report on sustainable value creation through Blue Economy investment in intellectual, human, social and relationship capitals with particular regard to social licence?

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