WEN Research Hub

Our WEN Research Hub collates the latest analytical research concerning the representation of women in economics, and evidence into how gender diversity affects the economics profession.

This knowledge base is designed to assist the wider economic community in understanding the value of having a diversity of contributions and voices in economics, and to identify practical evidence-based strategies to achieve a stronger gender balance.

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Women in the Economics Profession

A collection of articles exploring the problem of the under-representation of women in economics in Australia and globally – and why it matters for the profession.


Links to Research Papers

A collection of academic research papers that investigate women's under-representation in economics, the factors contributing to this gender imbalance, and the effectiveness of interventions to address it.


The Value of Gender Equality for Economics

A collection of academic research investigating the benefits of gender equality and a balanced representation of genders for the economics profession as a whole.


Book Recommendations

Some book recommendations that relate to WEN's objectives and activities. WEN members, let us know if you have other recommendations to add to this list.


WEN's contribution to gender equality research and action

Through our activities, WEN is contributing to raising awareness about the under-representation of women in the economics profession, why this is a problem, and what will work to rectify this.