Thinking about studying economics?

Hear from some real-world economists sharing their career experiences and motivation for studying economics


Resources Permission

The Women in Economics Network gives permission for our resources - including WEN video and career booklet - to be used for educational and career purposes, with acknowledgement that these materials have been produced by the Women in Economics Network. WEN encourages schools, universities, teachers and career guidance officers to make use our career resources to help inform and inspire students.


What is economics all about?

What is economics about? And where can it take you? WEN has created a booklet to help you find out.  Follow this link to download our booklet.


What is the usefulness of studying economics?

“In our world, most of the problems that we have – environmental problems, wars, our ageing population, inequality in health outcomes, global poverty, the rise of populism – are rooted in economics. If you understand economics, you can be not just an observer, but a participant in dealing with those challenges” (WEN Careers in Economics Video)


Economics is about wellbeing

“Economics is one of the best careers to give you the skills and knowledge to help society and to make the world a better place” Associate Professor Duygu Yengin (WEN Careers in Economics Video)


What concepts will I learn in economics?

“Economics gives you a way about thinking about problems – which you can then apply in so many different ways” Michelle Meyers (WEN Careers in Economics Video)


What skills will make me a good economist?

“Economics is empowering ... And if you are using that for good, that’s going to get the best for society” Professor Gigi Foster (WEN Careers in Economics Video)


What types of jobs are available in economics?

“I love my job, I love being an economist” Michelle Meyers (WEN Careers in Economics Video). 
“I’m happy to come to work each morning!” Guilia Specchia (WEN Careers in Economics Video)


Should I consider Honours?

Economics students with an Honours degree are especially sought after. An honours degree will help boost your prospects of employments as a professional economist, especially since some government agencies only consider Honours graduates or higher.


For more Inspiration

For more information about the usefulness of studying economics and examples of the career pathways that economics can open up for you, we’ve gather this collection of economists to talk about their work and share their career experiences.


Are you looking for an economist to speak at career event?

WEN is passionate about informing and inspiring students. If you’re a teacher or a career guidance officer planning a career event at your school, we would be delighted to arrange for our economists to come and speak to your students.

WEN also hosts several student-tailored events throughout our events calendar. Please reach out to WEN Committee in your state or territory to find out what events they have planned.


More questions?

For further advice about studying economics and information about career pathways, members of WEN would be more than happy to share their experiences with you. Please contact