Retreat 2018

The Women in Economics Network, part of the Economic Society of Australia, hosted the 2018 Women in Economics Retreat at Peppers Resort in Bowral, NSW on 9-10 July 2018.

The retreat provided an opportunity for around 20 junior and mid career economists to develop their networks, receive mentoring and strengthen their leadership skills. Participants in the retreat were drawn from academia, government and the private sector, providing great opportunities for networking and broader economic discussions.

Sessions focused on leadership, communication skills, career management and work/life balance. The retreat provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss issues as a group as well as participate in small group mentoring sessions with senior women from the same sector. Participants were asked to come to the retreat with a career objective or challenge that they could work through with their mentor.

The senior mentors participating were Alison Booth, ANU; Jenny Gordon, formerly Productivity Commission; Lynne Cockerell, Reserve Bank of Australia; Lynne Pezzullo, Deloitte Access Economics and Meghan Quinn, Treasury and Wendy Fergie of Alexandra Grant Financial. The Retreat was facilitated by Danielle Wood, Grattan Institute.

The Economic Society of Australia and retreat sponsors paid for participants to attend the retreat. Participants were required to make their own travel arrangements to and from Bowral (Peppers is accessible by train from Sydney). A bus was available from Bowral to Canberra for those going on ACE.

How to Apply (2019)
Applicants will be junior and mid career women looking to advance their career in the economics profession. Applicants should be members of the Women in Economics Network. Please see the membership section of the WEN site for information on how to join.

Applications for the Women in Economics retreat 2019 is not yet open.


Alison Booth, ANU

Alison Booth is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Australian National University, an ANU Public Policy Fellow, and a published novelist.


Lynne Cockerell, Reserve Bank of Australia

Lynne Cockerell is a Deputy Head of the Economic Analysis Department at the Reserve Bank of Australia. The Department is responsible for monitoring and forecasting economic trends and providing monetary policy advice to the Reserve Bank Board.


Wendy Fergie, Alexandra Grant Financial / Emprevo/ WealthPi Fund / Watermill Capital

Wendy’s current work is of ‘gig’ style.  She has four key roles that involve finance and start ups with varied involvement.   


Jenny Gordon

Jenny Gordon has recently retired from the Productivity Commission, where she was the Principal Advisor Research. 


Lynne Pezzullo, Deloitte Access Economics

Lynne leads the Deloitte Access Economics health economics and social policy group nationally, and is the Managing Partner of Deloitte Canberra.


Meghan Quinn PSM, Structural Reform Group

Meghan Quinn commenced as Deputy Secretary, Structural Reform Group in March 2017. In this position Meghan has responsibility for providing advice to the Government on structural reform matters.