National Press Club Address


2021 Address

As the Australian economy recovers from the COVID-19 recession, the panel of Dr Sarah Hunter (BIS Oxford Economics), Gabriela D'Souza (CEDA) and Dr Leonora Risse (RMIT University and WEN National Chair) will offer analysis and insights into the policy decisions needed to rebuild a better Australia.


2018 Address

The 2018 Women in Economics National Press Club Budget Address was held on 25 May to a packed room of more than 200 guests, and broadcast live across the nation on ABC.


2017 Address

National Press Club: Women in Economics 2017 Federal Budget Reflections

Members joined us for the Women in Economics Federal Budget Reflections address featuring Professor Miranda Stewart, Director of the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at ANU, Professor Rachel Ong, Deputy Director of the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre & National Chair of the Women in Economics Network and Grattan Institute Fellow Danielle Wood.