AGEW2021 Policy Symposium: Educating The Next Generation Of Economists


The AGEW2021 Policy Symposium will be anchored by new findings from a randomised control trial on the role of mentoring in retaining women economic students, which will be presented by Catie Bradbear, Productivity Commission and Harry Greenwell, Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government.

This will be followed by a special panel session where we will hear from experts Alison Booth (ANU), Wendy Carlin (UCL), Leonora Risse (RMIT) and Justin Wolfers (Michigan) on ‘how should we educate the next generation of economists?’

Do we need to change the curriculum or the way economics is taught? How do we recruit and retain more women and create greater diversity within the economics discipline? What factors contribute to achieving greater retention and engagement and how can this be achieved both in and outside the classroom?

Attendees of AGEW 2021 will automatically be registered to attend the Policy Symposium.  Times shown are AEDT ( - 6.15pm Sydney Canberra Melbourne)