Register of Economists Directory

The WEN Register of Economists provides a directory of WEN Members who are available for media and public speaking engagements and to contribute their economic expertise.

The directory is designed to assist:
  • journalists and conference organisers who care about gender equality and are looking for a broader diversity of speakers and expert voices
  • researchers and policy practitioners who are looking for experts to collaborate or consult with
  • schools and universities who are looking for economists to share their career experiences, inspiration and advice with students
The directory is also used by WEN to source speakers and contributors when planning our events and initiatives.

To be included on the register, WEN Members are invited to add your profile by logging in to your profile page on your local ESA branch website. Please enter your biographic information, nominate your areas of expertise, enter your contact details and upload a photograph.

WEN aims to promote a culture of equality, inclusion, respect and belonging for individuals across the gender spectrum. If you feel confortable doing so, we invite members to share your gender identity, including your preferred pronouns, within your profile information.

Men who have expressed their support for WEN's objectives by joining as a WEN Member are also welcome to be listed on the WEN Register.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed by ESA and WEN members are their own and should not be attributed to the ESA or WEN. Please contact us if you have any queries.