The Women in Economics Network is supported by the national Women in Economics Committee (the WEC) and committees in most state and territories. Committees are made up of women from the public and private sectors, academia and teaching. 

The WEC is an initiative of the Economic Society of Australia, reflecting the support of the Society's Central Council for the WEN. The WEC is responsible for coordinating WEN national activities. The WEC is comprised of the Chairs of the Women in Economics state committees plus special members. Committee members are listed below:

Danielle Wood (Chair)

Program Director 
Grattan Institute

Leonora Risse (Secretary)

Vice-Chancellor's Post Doctoral Fellow
School of Economics, Finance and Marketing
RMIT University

Bethany Cooper  (Treasurer)

Senior Research Fellow
School of Commerce, University of South Australia

Nicki Hutley

Deloitte Access Economics

Sally McMahon

Sally McMahon & Associates

Cherelle Murphy

Senior Economist

Mala Raghavan

School of Business & Economics
University of Tasmania

Christine Williams

Adjunct Professor,
University of Queensland

Leith Thompson

Economics Teacher
Sydney Grammar School

Duygu Yengin

Associate Professor 
Deputy Head of School of Economics, University of Adelaide

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