The Women in Economics Network is run by the national Women in Economics Committee (WEC) and the committees of each State and Territory WEN branch. Committees are comprised of female economists from the public sector, private sector, academia and teaching. 

The WEN National Committee is comprised of the Chairs of each WEN State and Territory committee, executive roles (Chair, Deputy, Secretary and Treasurer) and special appointments who bring specialist knowledge to the committee. Committee members are appointed to their roles via a nomination and election process. The WEN National Chair represents WEN on the ESA Central Council.

A list of current and former members of the WEN National Committee is provided below:

WEN National Committee 2023

National Chair

Dr Angela Jackson
(Lead Economist, Impact Economics)

Deputy Chair (Industry & Policy)

Kar Mei Tang
(Head of Oceania, UN Principles for Responsible Investment)

Deputy Chair (Academic)

Dr Swee-Hoon Chuah
(Professor of Economics, Tasmanian School of Business & Economics)

National Secretary

Chirine Dada
(Senior Adviser, Australian Energy Market Commission)

National Treasurer

Dr Vandana Arya
(Senior lecturer (Economics) at the University of South Australia Business unit)

Chair, Australian Capital Territory

Cate Rogers
(Assistant Secretary, Climate Resilience & Finance Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade)

Chair, New South Wales

Evie Fox Koob
(Manager, Deloitte Access Economics)

Chair, Northern Territory

Dr Maneka Jayasinghe
(Senior Lecturer in Economics, Charles Darwin University)

Chair, Queensland

Professor Louisa Coglan
(Professor of Economics, Queensland University of Technology)

Co-Chair, South Australia

Dr Tania Dey
(Manager, BDO EconSearch)

Co-Chair, South Australia 

Associate Professor Duygu Yengin
(Associate Professor, University of Adelaide)

(Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Chair, Tasmania

Dr Maria Yanotti
(Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Tasmania)

Chair, Victoria

Alyssa Cameron
(Senior Economist, Department of Treasury and Finance)

Chair, Western Australia

Cassandra Winzar
(Senior Economist, Committee for Economic Development of Australia)

Educational Advisor

Wendy Mockler
(Facilitator of Pedagogy, Lumen Christi Catholic College)

Former members of WEN National Committee (2017-2023)

WEN's ongoing activities and contributions to the economics profession have been made possible through the dedicated voluntary efforts of our Committee members over time. Below we recognise the contributions of former members of our WEN National Committee.

Dr Leonora Risse
WEN National Chair (2020-2022)

(Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Carmela Chivers
WEN National Treasurer (2020-2022)

Danielle Wood
WEN National Chair (2017-2019)
WEN Victoria Chair (2017)
(Inaugural National Chair; Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Dr Bethany Cooper
WEN National Treasurer (2017-2019)
WEN Chair, South Australia (2017-2018)
(Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Dr Tina Rampino
WEN Chair, Queensland (2017-2018)
(Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Associate Professor Rebecca Cassells
WEN Chair, Australian Capital Territory (2017-2018)
(Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Analena Gilhome
WEN Chair, Western Australia (2017)
(Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Pip Freebairn
WEN Chair, New South Wales (2017-2018)
(Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Dr Mala Ragahavan
WEN Chair, Tasmania (2017-2020)
(Founding member of inaugural WEN National Committee)

Nicki Hutley
WEN Chair, New South Wales (2018-2019)

Cherelle Murphy
WEN Chair, Australian Capital Territory (2019-2020)

Alexandra Lobb
WEN Chair, New South Wales (2019-2020)

Janine Bialecki
WEN Chair, Victoria (2019-2020)

Dr Christine Williams
WEN Chair, Queensland (2019-2021)

Katherine Wagner
WEN National Secretary (2020-2021)

Sally McMahon
WEN Chair, Western Australia (2018-2021)

Elizabeth Alvaro
WEN Chair, South Australia (2019-2021)

Leith Thompson  
Educational Advisor (2017-2021)

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